iOS Question Cant get index of CLV with iTabstrip


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Hi i need help cause i can't get the elements of the panel of CLV used with iTabstrip
This is the code i use

Dim index As Int : index=0
For Each colmenus As Map In menus

    'Create the page
    Dim categoria As Page
    categoria.Title = category

    Dim dishes As List = colmenus.Get("dishes")
    For Each coldishes As Map In dishes

        Dim price As Int = coldishes.Get("price")
        Dim name As String = coldishes.Get("name")
        Dim description As String = coldishes.Get("description")
        Dim dishLink As String = coldishes.Get("dishLink")
        Dim dishCode As String = coldishes.Get("dishCode")

        ' Add dish into the list
        clvMenu.Add(CreateListItem(dishCode, name, description, price, index), dishCode)
        index = index + 1
    'Add the page to the tab


Sub CreateListItem (DishCode As String, DishName As String, DishDescription As String, DishPrice As Double, Index As Int) As Panel
    Dim pnlItem As Panel
    pnlItem.Width = clvMenu.AsView.Width
    pnlItem.Height = 90dip
    pnlItem.Tag = Index & "=" & DishCode

    'Write the info
    lblName.Text = DishName
    lblName.Tag = DishCode
    lblDescription.Text = DishDescription
    lblPrice.Text = DishPrice
    lblPrice.Tag = Index
    lblItems.Tag = Index
    Return pnlItem
End Sub

The example is:

tsMenu with 3 tabs mean 3 pages
Page1 with 8 elements in the CLV
Page2 with 6 elements in the CLV
Page3 with 7 element in the CLV

Sub clvMenu_ItemClick (Index As Int, Value As Object)
    #If debug
    Log("CLV Index: " & Index)
    Log("CLV Value: " & Value)
    #end IF
End Sub

If i click on the Page1 i get CLV Index from 0 to 7
If i click on the Page2 i get CLV Index from 0 to 5
If i click on the PAge3 i get CLV Index from 0 to 6

Sub btnMas_Click

    'Get the index of the sender
    Dim index1 As Int
    Dim btn As Button = Sender
    index1 = btn.Tag
    Log("Index Boton: " & index1)

    Dim index As Int = clvMenu.GetItemFromView(Sender)
    Log("Index CLV: " & index)
    Dim pnl As Panel
    pnl = clvMenu.GetPanel(index)

End Sub

So if i try to get the text of the label when i click on the button on the Page3 all works right but when i try to get this from the Page1 or Page2 i get the error "Object was not initialized (UIView)"

Could somebody tell me what's wrong how can i get this work.

Thanks in advance.


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Yes Erel,
Here is a sample with the problem is a mix with clv and itabstrip, with the Page3 works but with Page1 or Page2 there is the problem, i get the error "Object was not initialized (UIView)".

Thanks for your help.


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