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Doing rideshare to pay my daily bills, I like to have a range of options for entertainment that I can play safely in the background. Up until recently, the iPhone did not have a PiP (Picture in Picture) option .... iPad did but I really saw no reason to have 2 iOS devices in the car at the same time .... not enough added value for the trouble. So, I decided to break out B4J and design something I could use with the tablet component of my Microsoft Surface Book 2. The tablet detaches as you may know, allowing me to hang that component over my center controls using a Pop-socket setup (pictures to follow). This was a very small, very specifically-targeted project .... most of the time was really in designing the buttons using Affinity Photo. B4J and this wonderful forum made figuring out the code relatively simple.


Link to full zip file:

  • Top Label
  • Edge to edge (no Windows borders or buttons)
  • Exit button
  • Specifically coded dimensions for portrait orientation of the tablet component of my SB2
  • Custom, animated (coded the animations myself) buttons (I deleted the buttons from the Files folder in the zip file to save space .... PM me if you want them)
Feel free to use, butcher, and pilfer anything you want from the attached project. Now that iOS has PiP, I don't really have enough need to keep this in my car as a menu any longer. But, I just wanted to share.


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Thanks, but the PNG files is not include in the source code.
The upload was too large .... when I get home, I added a link to an iCloud share in the original post above.
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