Share My Creation Catapult. A physics game like Angry Birds for Android

Cellebrating the 50K downloads reached, I've updated the game to version 3.0, with a new episode and a new aiming system.

So here it is.
After half a year of hard work finally I've released my first game:

The gameplay is similar to Angry Birds where you have to smash your enemies down with a stone. This one is set in medieval time with eye-catching 2D cartoon graphic.
Knock out all the knights in each level within limited moves to pass the level. The fewer moves you use, the higher the score you will get.
With the money you win you can buy awesome powerups at the shop, like bombs, mega-stones or multi stones.

Here a video of the game in action

My future plans for this one is divide the levels into episodes, or chapters. More graphics, enemies...

I hope you like it:)


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I have just tried your new update. It is now simpler to shoot. I would recommend you when press and hold the fire button then the arrow goes from bottom to top and disappear but i think when it reach the top it should now go back to the bottom and then again to the top. Dont let it disappear.
Like this the stone will be thrown in the angle when the user release the button.

Just made an update (will available in a few hours) taking care of this. I think it's better this way, easier.
And about the ads... I've used admob before and I don't like it! I mean, I don't like the look of the interstitials. I prefer how Chartboost or adbuddiz looks, mainly for games. Now I'm loosing money with adbuddiz, mainly because of fillrate, eCMP is not that bad... maybe I'll use admob as a backfill network, or try admob as main network, or try another one... I still have to think about it.