Wish #CertificateFile on another folder

Discussion in 'iOS Bugs & Wishlist' started by Alberto Iglesias, May 20, 2019.

  1. Alberto Iglesias

    Alberto Iglesias Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Is possible to think in this new feature:

    the possibility to put certificate in another folder, like this:

    #CertificateFile: c:\certificates\client1\ios_development.cer

    Because we can work with two or more apple accounts from different clients, certificates, etc

    Thank you

    Alberto Iglesias
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  2. Andrew (Digitwell)

    Andrew (Digitwell) Active Member Licensed User

    I just rename the certificates e.g

    That works fine for me and they can all live in the same directory.
  3. Alberto Iglesias

    Alberto Iglesias Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Yes, I use like this, but this way we need to keep on the keys folder, the best thing to do create this new feature on futures versions.

    But thank you for the tip, this will be important or others.

    Alberto Iglesias
  4. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    This is implemented for the next version.
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