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Peter Simpson

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Hiya all,
I've developed a really small app (just 430 lines of code) in B4J but it chews up memory like mad then releasing it again, then chews up memory, then releasing it again, then chews up memory, then releasing it again etc.

My question is simple, is this memory action indicative of a Java app or is my app just doing something rather silly.

I can't really upload the source code because the app relies on a customer registration key for an online service to run.

Blue is the memory usage of my B4J app. My app uses a timer that runs every 60 minutes.

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Peter Simpson

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Hello @Erel,
Yes I am testing in release mode, the project is a GUI with only one very small layout file measuring 460 x 166. I'm using jdk1.8.0_31 and am now completely lost. jHttpUtils2 is ran every 60 minutes only once and only for about 2 seconds. jRandonAccessFile is only read one at the start of the program.

I'm using the following libraries.

I will admit it, I was completely shocked when my nephew told me about its Windows memory usage and just how memory hungry my little program is.

Thank you...


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Hi ,
hmmm, i noticed the same thing , i was working with launch4j where i had a memory limit and the app was crashing after a while
running the jar i noticed too that the memory is zig zag up same graph as peter (500 mb + ) and i am running timers too


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A couple of days ago I had a crash on the raspberry Pi.
While running my web app it chews up around 2% per day of ram.
Will keep it running for a week and give you the results.