B4i Library [CLASS] Photo management library based on PHAsset


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This class is a collaborative effort between myself and Narek Adonts.

The basic architecture and original Objective C was provided by Narek, I did some additional Objective C (and I don't do Objective C) and a major tidy up and rationalization.

The enclosing example wrapper is intentionally minimalistic - it is linear in nature and requires you to analyse the log as you work through it.

The functionality covered is:
  • Initialize
  • PermissionGet
  • SmartAlbumsGet - get all smart albums and contents
  • UserAlbumsGet - get all user albums and contents
  • UserAlbumAdd - add a user album by its name
  • UserAlbumExists - check if a user album exists by its name
  • UserAlbumDelete - delete a user album by its name
  • PhotoAdd - add a photo as bitmap to a user album by its name - returns saved photos GUID
  • PhotoGet - get a photo as bitmap by its GUID
  • VideoAdd - add a video as ??? to a user album by its name - returns saved videos GUID
  • VideoGet - get a video as ??? by its GUID
  • AssetExists - check if photo or video exists by its GUID
  • AssetDelete - delete a photo or video by its GUID
The functionality not covered includes:
  • Cloud
  • Thumbnails
  • Add/delete pointer to a photo/video asset in a user album
I have been using this for some months and feel that it is stable, however...

Happy coding...


Because of the ridiculously small limit on size of files that can be uploaded, the attached PHAssets.zip file contains a dummy testvideo.mp4 in the Files folder of the project.

Find an .mp4 video of your choice and copy it to the Files folder with the name "testvideo.mp4"


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Just going over some notes to myself on this:

If you look at the code under PhotoAdd and VideoAdd you will see I use a fairly primitive method to ascertain what is the GUID of the just added photo or video - is there a smarter way to do this?

Any advice welcome...