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Roger Daley

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Hi All

A small problem. In the code below I flash the text in an edit text and button and sound beeps to alert the user to enter a value for a variable.
In the code I should get 3 beeps. Sometimes I get 2 or 4 beeps. I know it has something to do with the durations of the Beep and the Sleep [resumable subs) but can't find a solution.

  If VarExists = 0 Then                        '1st time this VAR appears in this PGM, add to reg and enter value)

                    VarReg(VarReg_flag, 0) = VariableName

                    Idisplay.Text = Recording(FNum, Step_count, 1) & " = ?"



                    For I = 0 To 7                        

                        Idisplay.TextColor = Colors.Red

                        BtnVarEnt.TextColor = Colors.Black

                        If I < 2 Then Beep1.Beep



                        Idisplay.TextColor = Colors.Black

                        BtnVarEnt.TextColor = BVE

                        If I < 1 Then Beep1.Beep





       End If

Regards Roger
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Best is to reproduce it in a small project and upload it
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Serge Bertet

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I know it has something to do with the durations of the Beep
Yes, with 50ms duration it starts to work almost fine, 80ms is better.
It is also working better in realease than debug mode.
Sound is not nice at all 😱 1000Hz is slightly better.
if I had to do that I would make an MP3 or WAV file with 3 beeps.
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