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This is my third iteration of a desktop application for individuals to use to help manage their collections. It can also be used for home inventory and, perhaps, that is really how I should be marketing it.

My first program for this purpose was a Windows only version written decades ago in VB. The second was a Java version written a decade ago for Windows, Mac, and Linux. I wrote an Android companion app for that program as well. All of these programs are still actively used by the collecting community including the one written decades ago for Windows only!

My intent is to use B4X to write a suite of applications for the desktop, android, and iOS. So far I have only developed the desktop version. I have not pursued getting it added to any stores but I plan to look into that.

The name of this application is "NM Collector Software CP" where CP is short for "Cross Platform." As you will see if you look at my web pages I am not really that creative but I seem to know how to program. I am in the process of building the CP page so it is still very rudimentary.

Please download NM Collector Software CP from my ecommerce site and let me know what you think (good, bad, and ugly). I am always looking for feedback. It downloads as a fully functional 30 day trial and then reverts to a less functional free version after the 30 day trial period. The broader range of features can be restored with the purchase of an activation.

Since I am now retired from full time employment, my wife and I plan to demo this software at various shows. I am told that it will be very popular at our local Rail Yards Market but I am also interested in cross country travel if it takes off.


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Just thought of something to add. I used to have an automated Java application to send activations for PayPal purchases. I am replacing that with a B4X program (both UI and command line). I need to investigate the best way to link the command line version up to payments. As far as I can tell, the ecommerce site I use does not have provision for hosting server side custom programs so I may have to resort to monitoring emails for purchases.

I was going to search the forums for this but I am open to suggestions here if anybody has any.

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i this project designed with b4x,
I was facing difficulty in using jasper report with b4x, i need help for using jasper report viewer.
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