1. Dave O

    Android Question trialing CloudKVS on a local Windows/Android setup?

    Hi all, I need to move my app's data (currently stored in a local file using writeMap) to the cloud so my users can share it between devices and family members. I'm looking for some tips on how to do this. CloudKVS seems like the best solution at this point. I don't know much about the server...
  2. AbdurRahman

    Android Question how to solve java.exe high memory usage problem ?

    Hi guys, Thanks for being a part of b4x community, Before, I wanna share my pc details: - RAM: 4gb - OS: windows 10 x86 - Processor: x64 based - Type: Laptop Please see images: The strange thing for me is that its -Xmx is 2048m. Whereas, my environment variable named _JAVA_OPTIONS is...
  3. Guenter Becker

    Android Code Snippet Snipped Manager

    Dear friends, I looked to the snipped managers as pointed out in this forum and I am not convinced. Searching the Internet I found several better solutions. The one I choose is a portable windows desktop application. It is working fine on my win 10 64-bit system. We all know that b4A is not a...
  4. M

    Wish [B4X] B4X for MacOs (news?)

    Hello, I know that this question was answered 2 years ago. I wish to know if there are some news, there will be more clearly a macOS version of b4x ide, or will remain only for Windows? Thanks in advance for answering :D
  5. red30

    B4J Question B4JPackager and 32 bit windows.

    I need to make an exe file for windows. If you do this using B4JPackager, the program works fine on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the operating system. If I make an exe file using B4JPackager11, then the program does not work on a 32-bit version of windows. Is it possible to make an exe...
  6. NFOBoy

    B4J Question For the VPS backend, which OS?

    Hi all, have been combing through the boards, and I see bits and pieces of references for backend stuff, but nothing definitive (perhaps that's the answer) about which way to go as far as selecting the OS for the Virtual Private Server (VPS) and B4J/I/A. For those that have experimented, any...
  7. valentino s

    Italian [RISOLTO] B4j: come aggiungere voci in menu' contestuali (right click) su files - windows ?

    Salve a tutti. Caso: Windows, scorro cartelle, vedo files. Cliccando con il tasto destro del mouse su un file, si apre un menu'. Vorrei aggiungere una voce nel menu' per eseguire compiti su b4j. Ho cercato con context contextual menu windows right click e varie combinazioni, ma senza...
  8. Mashiane

    B4J Tutorial [BANanoWebix] Lesson 15 Menus & Windows

    Hi This lesson covers 3 items being.. 1. Menu 2. SideMenu 3. Window 4. Popup 1. The menu This can be a vertical or horizontal menu that one can have and it can also have sub-menus. For each menu item one is able to indicate the icon and badge to mention a few. Dim menu As WixMenu...
  9. Mashiane

    Pity the IDE is in Windows Only....

    Ola So this was a response to a tweet I made that B4X always comes top!!! Well I was forced to upgrade my laptop to win 10 after being comfortable in win7 fpr a very long time and the only reason im using a windows laptop is due to b4x. It is a logical thing for win though due to costs...
  10. C

    B4J Question Accessing photo data and moving files

    I have created this program in Perl, so I know what needs to happen ... but as it's "fairly" simplistic, wondered if B4J could do it, rather than me having to send users a USB stick loaded with 16MB of PERL (most of which would be unused libraries and modules) Basically, it loads a set of...
  11. Pedro Caldeira

    B4J Question B4J Printing in Windows with JFX8

    Hello All I Built a form to act as my report layout to print using JavaFX8 Lib, and I am printing in a USB windows POS printer. It has no standard paper size,like A4, A5, etc, instead it used a 80mm X user defined length I can print everthing correctly with the execption of the margins. I am...
  12. MegatenFreak

    B4J Question Giving the window border a fixed color

    Hi. I'm using Windows 8.1, and I notice that the color of the title bar and the borders around my forms change to match the theme of Windows. How can I prevent that and give them a fixed color? Thanks in advance.
  13. P

    B4J Question Raspberry pi; Windows 10 core

    Does b4j support windows 10 core for raspberry pi?
  14. MarkusR

    B4J Question [solved] how to add a .jar to the windows start panel?

    how can i add a .jar "executable" file to windows 10 start panel? i made a link and put it to the others there but windows ignore it.
  15. Mashiane

    Did you ever win MineSweep?

    As it is we are having a conversation about MineSweep... My 9 year old daughter, "Daddy, I win minesweep sometimes." My brother in law, his daughter confirm the same thing, that you play minesweep and just as you about to win, "boom". I think in most cases, I ran away from minesweep, my little...
  16. L

    Android Question SMB Problems

    Goodmorning everyone, In our Android application, several devices manage a file exchange on a shared Windows folder with the SMB class. Unfortunately, since the last Windows update 1803, our android apps no longer communicate with the shared folder. As always we tried to disable antivirus...
  17. N

    B4J Question Help with SHELL

    Hi all, First post :) I am trying to execute the following code (which works with other programming languages PHP, C etc), but i cannot get a return in B4J, help is appreciated! Dim s_input As String ="2008-03-10;2008-03-10T15:58:00;FT 1/1;28.07;" 'Dim s_query As String = "/c...