ColWidth problem in Tables


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Hi Erel,
In looking at Linecutter's problem to position a TextBos onto a selected cell in a table I found a problem with the ColWidth values.
- when the user changes a column with, the ColWidth value is not updated.
- when the user changes the ColWidth value, the value is changed, but not on the dispayed table.

I joined LineCutters code and a XML file:
I added in the code:
- a Label that shows the width of the column of the selected cell.
- a TextBox to change a value.
- a Button that changes the column with of the "Date" column.

Can you please have a look at it.

Thank you in advace.


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Erel, I presume that you are referring to the loading/saving of the xml data, rather than the internal table representation.

Klaus: It seems that the scrollbar control available in ControlsEx.dll might be a workaround... if the change in column width can trigger an event so that we know when to add the control, or we accept that it needs to be there all the time & for every table event we bring the scrollbar to the front, hiding the real one if it's being displayed.
Haven't played with it yet, nor thought through the maths - that has to wait until we can tell if the total table (column) width has changed.