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Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Daniel44, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. Daniel44

    Daniel44 Member Licensed User

    Hi everyone!

    Im working on B4A and bxtable and dialogs retriving data from json and sqlite Im using bxdialog for editing data. The proyect works with 2 tables, Books and Authors and they're linked each other by foreign keys. On the event LongClick of Bx4table I Call the bxdialog and retrive all data from sqlite db by a sentence which retrieve Name and author's name by a field called AuthorId of type Int (FK) but I'd like retrieve that Author'name in combobox from sqlite by a sql sentence.. I mean a Dynamic combobox INSIDE the dialog. So I declared sql sentence variable inside the long click and then inside the json the type key and otptions harcoded but it doesn't work . I don't know how to retrieve just the author's name on that Combobox either how handle a combobox inside that event. If anyone can help me I apreciate it thanks
  2. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

  3. Daniel44

    Daniel44 Member Licensed User

    Thank you Erel I've already seen all of them ..but there's no one that use a combo/spinner bringing data from sqlite by json in a dialog. Whatever thank you Erel
  4. KMatle

    KMatle Expert Licensed User

    Not a thing. Just check how SQlite and Json works. There are lot's of examples here.
  5. Daniel44

    Daniel44 Member Licensed User

    Thank you for answering..yes you're right I've seen all about sqlite and json. That's not the problem.. just anything teaches about sqlite and json Inside a dialog with a spinner retriving data .There's a lot of examples about sqlite but not what I'm searching for. Thanks
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