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Only a short while ago (after about 100 years of use 😄) I discovered that the CTRL + Q combination comments the line of code.
I immediately tried if the same combination on a line already commented would remove the apostrophe; it doesn't, so I looked at the menu (contextual, right click, more convenient) and the uncomment is done by pressing CTRL + W.

If it's not too much work, I'd prefer it to happen as I wrote, again with CTRL + Q (this way you only have to remember one combination and it would be easier if you have the cursor on the wrong line and want to "undo"), same as CTRL+B to set/remove a bookmark.

Obviously this is not of vital importance :)

P.S. You would save CTRL + W for other purposes :)
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We've already been there and back some time way in the past. It was tried, lots of people didn't like it, so Erel reverted to Ctrl+Q to comment, Ctrl+W to uncomment.