Android Question Communication between Phone and ACR122U - NFC


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Is the NFC reader an Android device? Otherwise it will not work.

Francisco Ortiz

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Yes, that is correct DonManfred, it is a USB reader connected in a PC, and I am trying to send data from my android phone to this device.
So, Erel, is there another way to send data between these devices?

DonManfred, are using the Acr155U-J1 as this way?


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yes and no.

My reader is Bluetooth. I connect through Bluetooth with it and i´m able to recognize a tag is hold on the reader.
But i just wrote the connectionpart... I did not get any tag infos or be able to write them.
I need to wrap more of their Sdk

Francisco Ortiz

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Thank you, now I have the Acr1255U-J1, I am trying to get the sdk and play with it. I will let you know if I can do something. Thank you!