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Hi Erel

I am seeing this phenomenon for the first time in my b4a life (that is after I installed Kit Kat 4.4 - again a coincidence? or was there something in my lunch today? I hope it was the latter).

Steps in a nutshell

1 -I compiled first app named APP_1. Launched it and worked well. Disconnect from b4a bridge.

2 -Then I compiled second app name APP_2. Launched it and worked well.

This was when strange thing happened.

I went back to launch APP_1 (via launch icon) and APP_2 was launched instead.

Then I tried step 1 & 2 again

This time icon of APP_2 "deleted" icon of APP_1.

I have been the doing above steps countless of time in the past and there wasn't any problem until today.

Appreciate your help.