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Dear Sir,

I am sorry for this confused question , i just want to know how and where i must begin .

I designed an application using Visual Basic 2015 on my laptop , in this pc-application i used an Sql Database and some code to add, edit, sort and update my products .

I need to design B4A program , users can download and open it on their Android devices, connect with my pc through WIFI , and check the products already in my PC and get any related information , and send any notification or comments to PC .

I looked for similar examples (Just B4A) , but i found nothing OR i searched incorrectly ..

May you please guide me from where i must begin my project , and if similar examples available .

Your help is greatly appreciated
Thanks very much

Brian Dean

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. . . connect with my pc through WIFI

Do you mean that you want users of the app to connect with your database over the Internet? In that case you need to set up a server. This would be quite a straightforward task for a programmer with internet programming experience, but if you are starting from scratch then you will have a lot to learn. Do you have a website of your own? You will need one unless you want to run your PC 24 hours per day. You will need to install your database on the server and write the Android app to send queries.

There is a simpler path, although you still need a website and it will have a limited function. You could send your database to a web location using FTP, and your app could use FTP to download the database to users' phones. However they would have to pass enquiries (and orders) over a different channel. I mention this only because it it a much simpler project if you are not familiar with internet operation and programming.
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Dear Brian,

Thank you very very much for your help .
I am not familiar with internet programming , i don't have website . this is why i am not able to know from where i must begin .
I design desktop programs for windows since many years , and now trying to learn B4A to design android application . i succeeded in my first one and like B4A very much .
what i am exactly looking for is :
An Android application that any customer can download and install it , this app can connect through WIFI with the a database on the PC and view the products and get information and send comments and orders .
the Database is already exists on the laptop (PC) , its an SQL database managed my VB.NET program . Adding , Deleting and Updating the database is done through the desktop program written by VB.NET 2015 .
of course the Laptop or PC will NOT work 24 hours per a day , so as i understand that i must send it to web location for it to be available all the time .
Kindly , Let me know if these steps are correct to start my project :
1- I must own a web site like :
2- on my laptop or PC , i update the database -when necessary- and send it to the web site .
3- An android app on users' devices that connect with the database on the website and interact with .

Is these steps right ?
are there any B4A examples to learn how to connect and interact with a database on the PC or website ? and where from i can get the learning ?

Many Thanks
Sorry again for elongation
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