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Hello, there,

I would like to have a contact form for my app. So far I have arranged it in such a way that the user makes his data and then the email program opens with the made data in the text, so that the user only has to press send.

Can someone tell me what I need for a contact form that does not use email? E.g. own homepage, database etc.

Thanks in advance if someone can help me.


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You need small server and some database, lets say MySQL, so you can just follow instructions and use jRDC. In this case you should create app that can read data from database, so you don't need to login to the server every time you need to check the new data.
I prefer Digital Ocean, but everyone have there favorites. Smallest standard droplet cost about 5 $/Month.
You may also found some free or super cheap VPS servers.

There is also possibility to create web server and use it send email for your own email.
You have to create some kind of verification method for clients, so everyone can't just spam new data to your server.
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