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Semen Matusovskiy

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Hi, guys --

I followed instructions in
and decided to test a sample in emulator
Starter.CL.CLog("log message 1 ...")
Starter.CL.CLog("log message 2 ...")
Dim i As Int = "sdkljkljkljfsdf"

I ran many times without recompiling. Then after half an hour I looked results and found:

1) some crashes are missing.
Strange, but Ok

2) Sometimes the log is not full.
For some crashes the log was empty or included first message only.
Why ? Do we need to make delays or something like this ?

Semen Matusovskiy

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Coming back ... I made an example with minimum code (attached), using
New experiments confirmed previous.

1) some crashes are missing

Why ? And how to prevent ?

2) CLog works and I can see results in logs of crashes.
But I am also interesting to see output without crashes.
Typical situation Try - Catch. In Catch I execute CLog. There is no crash. Where to see results in similar cases ?


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