Android Question Create Input Elements That Looks The Same On All Android Versions

Uederson Ferreira

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I am working on some apps, and I have some smartphones for testing proposes.
I don't like how the input elements look on some Android versions.
I have one bank app that I use and it looks the same on all the smartphones:

I was thinking how the guys did it.
And I am thinking that I could draw the inputs by myself. An example (only for clarify): I could draw a rectangle, and when the user touches it the Android keyboard is showed letting the user type the text on the rectangle.
By what you guys know about programming, could this be a good way of have input elements that look the same on all devices? Or there are another way?
I tried some libs, but not found one the makes the inputs look the same on all the devices I had tested.

Thank you in advanced


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