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Ok, I came here because some times ago I put topic in google search and find reference to B4A. Few days ago I tried the same and among dozen results could not locate B4A. Any reason why? It is still not perfect, but as least installation procedure is straight forward (thanks to Erel for putting everything in clear instructions!) and one can start to do something in minutes. And heck, WiFi installation and debugging is a piece of art of its own!
Everyone recommend Android Studio. I tried it last time and get lost. Today almost everyone recommend Visual Studio as second best option. Heck, I use Visual Studio many years, why not try? May be it would be by far easier with SQL access? Nope. It is so obscured and cumbersome that I get completely lost. And frankly I could not even create simple desktop application because I could not find what property represent text in label! Use to be "caption" and "text" (depending on environment) and now I still have not figured it out.
Why the hell properties names have to be changed with each and every version? Why it became more and more cumbersome and obscured? Why it impossible to make something simple enough like Adruino when 5 min after download you can see what it does?
Sorry for winging. Perhaps it is time to die.


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Indeed, it seems that many programmers do not take into account the impact that their changes have on the maintenance of existing programs. Backward compatibility seems to be something that does not apply to them. The fact that things can be done differently (at the price of a long series of options) is IBM, where programs that are decades old can simply be run without any problems. and that's the great thing about B4X and B4A, they are largely shielded and you don't have to worry about it.
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