Android Tutorial Creating a simple C/C++ based B4A library with NLG

With this video I intend to show how simple it is to create a native based B4A lib, using my Native Library Generator.
For that purpose, I'll be writing and testing my code in Visual Studio.
Enjoy. :)

Once I get a mic for my PC, I really want to add a voice-over track to this video.
Until then, here's the script:

[Ninja Dynamics logo on-screen]
"Alright guys, welcome to my first tutorial!"

[B4A on-screen]
"We start with an empty B4A project. Before anything else we must make sure we have our Additional Libraries path is properly configured. In my case, the path is "C:\Android\B4A External Libs".

[Visual Studio on-screen]

"Once in Visual Studio, we'll create a new empty Win32 console-based project. The simpler the better. Let's name our project "Simple Math", click 'OK'...
'Next'... and 'Finish' to go with the default settings.
Alright, time to write some code!
As you can see, we've just created a really simple multiply function.
Let's give it a quick test...
2 time 5, for example... Compile...
Here we go! 10. Cool!

[fadeout effect]

I added few more functions and everything works as expected. Time for some copy-pasting now.
As you can see, I'm only copying the relevant part of the code, there's no need to include "stdafx.h" or <iostream> in our library."

[NLG on-screen]
"Now, with our native code copied to the clipboard, we open NLG and hit Ctrl+A and Delete to clear the current textbox content. Now 'Paste' and... voilá, we're almost ready to compile. Let's just name our B4A library "SimpleMath" and make sure the other parameters stand correct as well.
Click 'Generate B4A Library'... Wait a few seconds... and... done!
As you can see, everything went well and the library was properly compiled and stored in the Additional Libraries folder."

[B4A on-screen]
"All we have to do now, is add the SimpleMath library to our project and write some test code for it.
Select the 'Libraries' tab... Hit 'Resfresh'... Here we go.
Now some code... Compile... and... Here it is!!! Our first native library."

[Ninja Dynamics logo on-screen]

"I hope you guys enjoyed this video! Thanks for watching, see you next time!"

@andymc, I've seen some of your videos and you really have a nice voice-over. Plus, your English is native, which sounds way better than mine.
Would you like to contribute with an mp3 file? :D
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