B4J Question Creating & Using Installers?


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Hi, I have created an app in B4J for Windows, And Wrapped it using Launch4J all is fine - I usually have it running in a folder on my desktop - an its fine) I'm just trying to create an installer (Using Install Forge) for the program, and it works well, EXCEPT! (My program downloads and creates some files in the (C:/program files/myapp/myprogram) AppDir directory) but these files will not write as it seems the directory will only allow writing if your running as an administrator! So if I run normally the program just fails, but if i run as an Adminstrator, I can write the files.

My Question is! Should I be writing files to the program files/myapp/myprogram directory?
Or should I be perhaps using the %USERDIR%Appdata/roaming directory?

I'm looking to do it the correct way! ;)