Android Question Custom List View and Refresh

Marcos Alves

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Hello all,

I noticed that when using Custom List View, when the start of a list is reached and a scroll try is made by user (like the gesture used to refresh a site in a browser), a shadow is showed by Android on the top of the CLV element indicating that there is no more items before the first position.
When the user insists in this gesture, I would like to capture the event and make a list refresh (like the browser behavior). Is it possible?
I noticed that if I use the _ScrollChanged (Offset As Int), a negative value for Offset occurs when the user scrolls the list too fast to its start , which means that this could be used to do the refresh, but if the user gesture is slow, even when the start is reached, the Offset stops on 0.
Does anybody know how to capture the event that generated the "started reached shadow" on the screen?



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