iOS Question Data update in CustomGridView imperceptible.


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I want to update data in a CustomGridView, when updating a text in a row I have no problem, it seems to do it very well.

The problem is when I update the order of the rows, I must update the grid and that becomes very obvious to the user.

My solution so far, which is almost perfect, is to create empty rows, for example 100, and only update their interior, I hide the excess ones, but only the panel, the row still exists.

    For i = Order + plus To ItemsList.Size 
            Dim bx As B4XView = ItemsList.GetPanel(i-1)

Then I make it visible, etc.
It works perfectly, the change is imperceptible to the user, it really seems like a real-time update.

The problem is that the excess lines still exist for the scroll, is there a way to hide those items? Since hiding the panel does not make it visible, but the line is still visible. I explain?

Any suggestion is good. Thank you so much.