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First, B4A absolutely rocks.

I have a problem. I'm using the SQL data routines and I'm able to pull data, insert it into listviews, scrollviews and all sorts of other views. Yea! The issue I am having is that if i add records to the database file with a third party program (like I did when I created it), and then compile and run on my handheld, the database doesn't get updated. Only the old data continues to show up.

I tried to use the Sync button under the files tab on the right hand status window, and it clears the checkmarks, but doesn't seem to sync the compile (run) with the updated files on my harddrive.

Am I missing something? Or do i have to manually delete the old database?



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you should use some kind of "version-field" in your db.... if you create a new version (for ex 2) and you distribute this db along with an installation or update. You should check the version of existing db on phone.. If it is lower than the new one then you must copy the new one to the right place and than you need to use the newer db... Search the forum; this question is already answered and you should find a codesnippet to do this too
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