iOS Question Debug vs Release


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When i put a code in resize event of a page

Private sub pagename_Resize(Width As Int, Height As Int)
end sub

in debug if i don't put a breakpoint in the code (because i put breakpoint in another class) the sub not performed, if i put a breakpoint in the class (not necessary in the sub) the sub is performed , in release mode work fine ...

It's a bug ?


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I have a similar problem. When I run in debug mode the app does not run it says

javac 1.7.0_71
shell\src\com\ctmobilesoft\bmi14\ error: double cannot be dereferenced
_i = BA.ObjectToNumber(_list1.runMethod(false,"Get:",(Object)(_secilen))).intValue;Debug.locals.put("i", _i);
1 error

But when I run in release mode no problems. Thats why I ant use the debug mode. How can i fix this ?

Can you upload a project that demonstrates this issue?