Android Question Device admin app to control wifi, Bluetooth, location, and microphone and list of apps to lock


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Panasonic has a great app called device admin. It let's me set the state of each of the mentioned in the question to allowed, always on or always off. If the user tries to toggle it will display a toast message stating that feature is controlled by the admin. Ihave found post that pertain to password changes etc but is there a way to mimicked Panasonic app? It also does need to disable the camera which is shown in the other post.

We have new tablets that are not allowed to have any accounts on them, the user can't use the camera or microphone or wifi but Bluetooth and location has to always be on. Panasonic works great but I have other android tablets that are not Panasonic. I have tried extracting their app and installing it on the other tablets but it does check if it is a Panasonic and does not install.

Another good to have would be able to choose to have a password entered for other installed apps like the application "Applock" does. All custom programs are installed by USB. The tablet is never hooked to the internet.

Is this Panasonic program reproducible?