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Dear Erel and all,

I am starting a project of making a dictionary. I need your advice / recommendation on how I would need to start it with. Your sharing or any tip would be very appreciated. My application should work with around 380,000 definitions (words), I am using SQLite for managing the database. But I have few questions, that I am not quite sure whether I get a right solution or not.

1) When the dictionary is open (started) by user: Loading the word list (380,000 words) for user to search -> I am using SearchView. Is it a good solution with such a huge list? The biggest challenge for me is immediately right after the user opens it (less than 1000ms) the app should be responsive so that the user can key in his wanted word. I can use a splash screen but again that should not be also more than 1s (like many other dictionaries on Play Store can do). I was successful for 180,000 words list with Searchview (Erel) in 1000ms, but with a list of 380,000 words it does take me 7000 - 8000ms. I can use async method of loading the list, but even if I do so, the database loading is not also ready in the background when the user press enter key to look for definition.

2) When the user click on one word (definition page will be popup similar to the picture): is it a good solution to load the information to a LabelEx (I tried the custom WebviewEx but unsuccessfully)? See the red circles in the picture, how can we do those 3 clickable "speakerphone symbols" to be clickable with RegEx and equally aligned on the same line with other word like the pronounciation (spelling)? Please note that some spellings can be long enough to "push" (wrap) the symbols down to the next line.

I made a search in our forum but it does not give me a lot of information (, Thank you for your help.


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