Android Question Did facebook changed permissions to apps?


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I have a simple app, written about a month ago, to test posting to facebook timeline. I used the guidelines
stated here ( as per NJDude.
It works OK.

Now I want to add a new fb app. Again, simple, just post a message.
I used the same code below, changing the AppID & AppSecret only.
Now the I get an error msg that the facebook app does NOT allow this opertation. (sub myFB_Facebook_ErrorMessages(Message As String) )
Same fb permissions were used.

Did facebook changed the requirements for posting to timeline?

The code below is an activity called from the main activity (callsubdelayed to sub "PostNow")
PostNow will login if user is not logged in to fb
If user is logged in - will post the message

Sub Globals
  Private fb As Facebook
     Private AppID As String = "123451234512345..."
     Private AppSecret As String = "abcdefgabcdefg..."
    Private myWebsite As String = "http://www......"
End Sub

Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean)
fb.Initialize(Activity, Me, "myFB", AppID, AppSecret, myWebsite)   
End Sub

Sub PostNow
If fb.IsUserLoggedIn Then
  fb.PostToTimeline("me", "some message","http://.............")
End If       
End Sub

Sub Do_Login
Dim ListOfPermissions As List
ListOfPermissions.AddAll(Array As String(fb.PERMISSION_PUBLISH_STREAM, fb.PERMISSION_PUBLISH_ACTIONS))         
End Sub

Sub myFB_Login_Response(Success As Boolean)
If Success Then
End If       
End Sub

Sub myFB_Facebook_ErrorMessages(Message As String)
  Msgbox2(Message, "Facebook Error", "Close-Bad", "", "", Null)
' Whoops
  Log("try was catched")
End Try
End Sub