Bug? Different behavior on job.ErrorMessage

Pablo Torres

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Hi, I have a server running a service made with B4J and 2 apps (B4A and B4i) that connect with them.

In some case I need to answer with an error number and an error message from the service that I need to catch and use it in the apps

Let me show you the code, it's very easy:
B4J Service:
    Case "F"
    Case "G"

And this is the code in B4A and B4i:
    j.PostString(strServidor,"Data=" & EncryptText(MyJG.ToString))
    wait for (j) JobDone (job As HttpJob)
    If job.Success Then
        Select Case job.Response.StatusCode
            Case 15
                lblResultado.Text="something goes here " & job.ErrorMessage
            Case 16
                lblResultado.Text="something different goes here " & job.ErrorMessage
        End Select
    end if

In B4A works perfect, job.ErrorMessage receives "355238", "974520" or the number (string in fact) that I send from B4J, but in B4i it does not receive the job.ErrorMessage, only the Status code.

How can I receive in B4i the ErrorMessage?
Any helps will be highly appreciated

Many Thanks