iOS Question Disable Textfield Copy+Paste which is loaded from Layout


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I am trying to disable copy+paste for a textfield.

I have came across the following code:
Private Sub Application_Start (Nav As NavigationController)
   NavControl = Nav
   Page1.Title = "Page 1"
   Page1.RootPanel.Color = Colors.White
   Dim tf As TextField = CreateTextField
   Page1.RootPanel.AddView(tf, 10dip, 10dip, 200dip, 50dip)
End Sub

Sub CreateTextField As TextField
   Dim no As NativeObject
   no = no.Initialize("MyTextField").RunMethod("new", Null)
   Dim tf As TextField
   tf = no
   tf.BorderStyle = tf.STYLE_ROUNDEDRECT
   Return tf
End Sub

#if OBJC
@interface MyTextField : UITextField
@implementation MyTextField
- (BOOL)canPerformAction:(SEL)action withSender:(id)sender
    return NO;
#End If

The above code works, but it adds the textfield when the page as it's adding the view at runtime.

For my project, I am loading a layout to the page which has the textfield in it and I am trying to make it so that the textfield from my layout can't have the copy+paste.

Is there a way I disable the copy+paste function of the textfield (textfield which is created from the layout) ?


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Maybe this will help?
I saw that thread but it's for a TextView and not TextField.

I tried it anyway but it didn't work.
It caused an error - [<UITextField 0x16203ba00> setValue:forUndefinedKey:]: this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key selectable.
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