B4A Library Dyna Key, customs keyboards library.


This is my first posted library, i wait feedbak of the forum.

Not release library source code yet. I wait firsts opinions, ideas and minor bug if founded. (see the photos)

I think that version 1.0 are not for realease (near alpha) .
I need to polish to make easier to beginners.
I apreciate your's opinion's.

Calc KeyBoard.png Text KeyBoard2.png or MathCalc KeyBoard3.png

all full customs keys, (text, size, colors). Easy and simple way to catch keys inputs.

I hope be usefull.

By, Ricardo.

    Dim FuncKeyb  As DynaKey      ' define a keyboard class
    Dim font1,font2,font3,font4 As Float   ' define fonts predefined.
    Dim ufont1,ufont2,ufont3 As Float

' init, and 5x5 array of keys ,parents and size, (see full code)
    NumKeyb.Initialize(parentname,act,pan1,00%x,50%y,100%x,50%y,5,5)   'parent,x,y,w,h,col,rows (all boxes botons)

' defining a font make more visual "homogeneus?" and easy to change.
' Test in others phones size. ( work for me)

' define any key in  x,y array position  , in this case 5x5
'+ cell size (if ocupies more that one , like spacerbar horizontal or vertical
' name, font and color
' uppername , font and color
' gradient colors background
' tag that is send back to you by dynakey class.

Sub DynaKey_Click(b As Button)
    Select b.tag
        Case "@"  ' The idea is that arroba (or you prefer) , use the keyname of the boton.
                 ' If you press A, read A from b.text
                 ' Both click and long click send a tag and a the principal name.
                 ' We must supose a long click are relation of the litle upper name.
            Log("   "&b.Text)

        Case "U"
        Case "F"
        Case "K"
        Case "<"
        Case ">"
        Case "ABC"
            setpanels (True,False,False)
        Case "123","_"
            setpanels (False,False,True)
        Case "FUN"
            setpanels (True,False,False)
        Case ">>"
        Case "<<"    
        Case "0","1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9","*","."
        Case "MR"
        Case "M+"
        Case "M-"
        Case "CPI","COS(","SIN(","TAN(","LOG(","POWER","RAIZ","ABS","MOD","(",")","/","%"
        Case "*","/","+","-"
        Case "="
        Case Else
    End Select

End Sub

( Library + Demo Source, Copy dynakey files to libraries first!!)


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A referenced library is missing: expressionevaluator
So can this keyboard used for the whole system or just for our app?

Sorry but out for a long time.
1- I put "expressionevaluator" in search. Stay in the tops positions , with a LIBRARY tag.
2-Is for custom apps with custom inputs like demo do. I don´t know how replace the syskeyb, sometimes fight both keyinputs, I found the solutions in this web and use.
"Custom" is any action you need to assign, not only letters/numbers, can direct jump to other apps or any assigment you like to use. Is flexible and you take time to understand the source is easy to modificate.