B4A Library [B4X] lmInputDlg

Cross platform (B4A, B4J, B4I) simple but useful input dialog, based on B4XDialog (ShowCustom).

Easily customizable.



It may not seem like it but it took some work; mainly because only almost at the completion of the work, I realized that B4XFloatTextField does not allow you to set the KeyboardType property (for Text, Numbers, Decimals inputs) by code, it is available only in the Designer, so I had to modify this class and it is not a simple addition (I changed its name slightly, so that it is quite distinct from the original). I will ask for this change to be made in the official library.

Since the last custom view I published (CLVItemToolbox) was not very successful (incompetent and tasteless people šŸ˜„) nor was I offered a coffee for it, I will provide this one (and any future ones) only on request (here or in private).
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