Easy way to run threads

If to forget about locking access to common variables, it's enough to use, for example, following OBJC subroutines:
- (void) createThread: (NSObject *) someObject { [self performSelectorInBackground: @selector(threadBody:) withObject: someObject]; }
- (void) threadBody:   (NSObject *) someObject { @autoreleasepool { [self _threadbody]; } }
- (void) threadInfo:   (NSObject *) someObject { [self performSelectorOnMainThread: @selector (_threadinfo:) withObject: someObject waitUntilDone: NO]; }
#End If

In Basic code you need to add subroutines:
a) ThreadBody - runs in additional thread; when exit from this subroutine, a thread will be finished
b) ThreadInfo - runs in main thread and receives information from additional thread.
To start a new thread, add (for example, in Application_Start):
    Dim noMe As NativeObject = Me
    noMe.RunMethod ("createThread:", Array ("Something"))

A sample is attached. As you can see, you can click "Variant #1" or "Variant #2" (this is a main thread). In the same moment another thread is working and changes Label1.Text.


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