Android Question EditBox Multiline problem


I am using an editbox (multiline) as input for some scanned data, the problem is every time I scan something , cursosr does not move to the end of the string, and if I scan again, last scann is pushed to the right to make room for the new string to get inserted, instead of sending the cursor to last char in string and stay there untyil I scan something else

if editbox value is :

then I scan something it becomes: qwerty,123,benson,321,marlboro,456,firstscan
then I scan again it becomes: qwerty,123,benson,321,marlboro,456secondscan,firstscan,

seems to me that after adding some text the cursor is not moving, and next text is just inserted at whatever index, I want it to always go to end of string and append there.


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