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I am trying to implement the code from Erel's customlistview tutorial but I am having a strange problem. I replaced Erel's checkbox with an edittext. When the edittext is clicked and it gains focus, I do not get a cursor. The text will appear as soon as I type, but without the cursor it is impossible to know which edittext has focus. The following code is Erel's example without changes.
Sub CreateListItem(Text As String, Width As Int, Height As Int) As Panel
    Dim p As Panel
    p.Color = Colors.Black
    Dim b As Button
    b.Initialize("button") 'all buttons click events will be handled with Sub Button_Click
    Dim chk As CheckBox
    Dim lbl As Label
    lbl.Gravity = Bit.OR(Gravity.CENTER_VERTICAL, Gravity.LEFT)
    lbl.Text = Text
    lbl.TextSize = 16
    lbl.TextColor = Colors.White
    b.Text = "Click"
    p.AddView(lbl, 5dip, 2dip, 150dip, Height - 4dip) 'view #0
    p.AddView(b, 155dip, 2dip, 110dip, Height - 4dip) 'view #1
    p.AddView(chk, 280dip, 2dip, 50dip, Height - 4dip) 'view #2
    Return p
End Sub
And now my code with the edittext replacing the checkbox.
Sub createlibitem(text As String, width As Int, height As Int) As Panel
    counter=counter + 1
    Dim p As Panel
    p.Color = Colors.Black
'    Dim bpart As Button
    Dim bpart As Label
    bpart.Initialize("button") 'all buttons click events will be handled with Sub Button_Click
    bpart.Typeface = comic
    bpart.TextSize = 50
    bpart.Color = Colors.ARGB(125,100,149,237)
    Dim partbox As EditText
    partbox.Typeface = comic
    partbox.TextSize = 28
    partbox.Color = -1
    partbox.TextColor = -16777216
    bpart.Gravity= Bit.OR(Gravity.CENTER_VERTICAL, Gravity.center_horizontal)
    bpart.text = text
    bpart.TextSize = 28
    p.AddView(bpart, 5dip, 0dip, 150dip, height)'-4dip) 'view #1
    p.AddView(partbox, 200dip, 2dip, 150dip, height-4dip) 'view #2
    Return p
End Sub
Does anyone know what is going on?



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I don't know why (and now I do not want to investigate :D) excluding "partbox.Color = -1" the cursor becomes visible.

A small suggestion:
you might name the variables in a better way.

When I read "bpart" i must search for its type. lblPart or lblBPart is readily understandable.

[P.S. The Color property for EditText is not in the designer.

This means that it is inherited but probably it is not properly implemented and available.]

[I just found out that the reason is once again the TargetSDKVersion. :mad:
Change or delete it (manifest file) and you'll get your cursor :(]
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