Android Question (ErrnoException) android.system.ErrnoException: open failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory)


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I Have this Error Since Yesterday And My Jobs In B4a Dont Work Even Simple One

I Check My PhpPage I Dont Have Any Error And I Check EveryThing You Imagine Do You Have Any Solution

Or Do You Know This Error Whats About?


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Not sure if yours is the same problem that I had.
My app fires off a quick http request to make sure my webservice was reachable.
I also use AppUpdater to check for a new version of my app which runs almost immediately after.
AppUpdater uses http requests also and think they must have clashed somewhere...

To fix it I just use a Wait For on my first request like this:

    '    blip the webservice to see if we can reach it
    Log("Checking access")
    Dim jobCheck As HttpJob
    jobCheck.Initialize("CheckAccess", Me)
    jobCheck.PostString(webSite, "Function=CheckAccess)
    Wait For (jobCheck) JobDone(jobCheck As HttpJob)
    If jobCheck.Success Then
        Msgbox("You do not appear to have a connection to xxxxxx at the moment. Please try again later","Warning")
    End If

Hope this helps...
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I assume you release your jobs too soon. With release the file OkHttpUtils uses will be deleted. If you try to access something like Job.GetString it doesn't find the file the file the data was saved to.

Please check. I had this at the very first beginning.
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