Android Question Error compiling admob sample


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After long gap, was busy with other projects, I tried to compile and check the excellent admob sample,

Well it gave error as below,
B4A Version: 11.50
Parsing code.    (0.10s)
    Java Version: 8
Building folders structure.    (0.03s)
Compiling code.    (0.12s)
ObfuscatorMap.txt file created in Objects folder.
Compiling layouts code.    (0.07s)
Organizing libraries.    (1.30s)
    (AndroidX SDK)
Compiling resources    (1.42s)
Linking resources    (1.43s)
Compiling generated Java code.    Error
B4A line: 62
End Sub
javac 1.8.0_261
src\admob\tests\ error: method does not override or implement a method from a supertype

Any help will be appreciated, where to fix the code.