Android Code Snippet Export B4XTable to Excel File (B4A)

Hello everyone, I want to share a method to be able to export a table from B4XTable to an Excel file in B4A.

This code is very basic and can be adjusted for any need.

You are free to play with its possibilities.

In this case you will need the following libraries:
-B4XTable 1.21+
-Excel 1.00+

Public Sub ExportTableToExcel(Table As B4XTable, FileName As String)
    Log("Exporting table.")
    Dim Download_Path As String = File.DirRootExternal & "/Download"
    Log($"File Dir: ${Download_Path}/${FileName}"$)

    Dim newWorkbook As WritableWorkbook
    newWorkbook.Initialize(Download_Path, $"${FileName}"$)
    Dim sheet1 As WritableSheet
    sheet1 = newWorkbook.AddSheet(FileName, 0)
    Dim iColumn As Int = 0

    For Each Column As B4XTableColumn In Table.Columns
        Dim cell As WritableCell
        cell.InitializeText(iColumn, 0, Column.Title)
        iColumn = iColumn + 1
    For i = 1 To Table.Size
        Dim cInt As Int = 0
        For Each Column As B4XTableColumn In Table.Columns
            Dim Row As Object = Table.GetRow(i).Get(Column.Title)
            Dim cell As WritableCell
            cell.InitializeText(cInt, i, Row)
            cInt = cInt + 1
    'Must call write and close to save the data.
    xui.MsgboxAsync($"File Dir: ${Main.Path}/${FileName}"$,"Table Exported")
    Log("Export sucessfull!...")
End Sub

How to Use:
It's very easy, once you create the table and load the data, you can add a button to generate the excel file. It's just assigning the table you want to export to the function.

How to Use:
ExportTableToExcel(B4XTable, FileName)

- B4XTable = Your table
- FileName = The name you want to save

Thanks for viewing this post, and any tips or other ways to do this code can be shared below.

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Hey Brian, thanks in advance for this wuick example!
Just a quick comment, its only save the file but with an Empty Extension, not a .csv or xlsx, i think you need to concatenade it when is initialized