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    eZ Receipts Keeper is a simple application to snap, store, manage and track receipts or other important documents for future reference. It was developed based on my eZ Budget Planner application model.

    Play Store link:

    Description from Play Store:
    You probably have hundreds, if not thousands, of receipts cluttering your home or office desk. They clog your wallet, shoeboxes and anywhere else you can fit them. When it comes time to budget or do your taxes or do your reimbursement report, how do you ever expect to find them all (if it is not properly organized)?

    eZ Receipts Keeper is a simple application to capture, store and manage your receipts digitally using your phone. Never worry about lose your receipts again. It might helps you for your future reference.

    With simple user interface and not a complicated application, eZ Receipts Keeper can organize your receipts based on your own categories and events. You can always review back your business trip expenses, your big spending household merchandise, your personal receipts, or any receipt you want to keep as a proof of purchase for warranties.

    Snap a receipt, input receipt amount and set receipt category - you are done! eZ Receipts Keeper will keep your receipt electronically for future use.

    Main Features:
    - Easy and simple receipts keeper
    - No registration required
    - Snap a receipt using your camera or import photos from your photo Gallery
    - Organize your receipts using folder type method and time period
    - Easily view your receipts 'folder' history
    - Ability to store more than one image (for long receipt) in one receipt details record
    - Fast and easy to find your receipt by using Search function (Search Receipt Note)
    - Generate a nicely formatted PDF file report
    - Ability to choose which receipts to be included in the report
    - Easily email yourself a copy of receipts report
    - Add and manage your own receipts categories
    - Backup and restore data to/from phone's storage and DropBox

    Appreciate any comments or opinion. Thank you.

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