iOS Question Fail to upload new APN to Firebase


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I have used the firebase notifications in my app, and it's now been 12 months and the APN certificate is due to expire in the coming days.

I have followed the steps on the tutorial -

First of all, everything is working at the moment and now need to review the APN Certificate.

Here is what I have done and hoping someone can find what I have missed.

Logged into my Apple Developer Console.
- I went into the Apple Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles section.
- Went into the certificate section and created a new certificate.
- Selected Apple Push Notification service SSL (Sandbox & Production)
- Selected the AppID assigned to the app I am renewing the push notifications for.
- Selected the CSR file from my Keys folder.
- Downloaded the file to my Keys folder.

Went into the B4i IDE
- Tools - Build Server - Create Push Key - Firebase Service

Got the file, firebase_push.p12

I then uploaded the file to my Google Firebase.
- Went to the Cloud messaging section.
- Found it shows the current certificate is due to expire soon.

I selected the 'Update' button and uploaded the firebase_push.p12 file and left the password blank as the tutorial above doesn't mention anything about a password.

But now it shows that the password is incorrect and filed to upload the file.

Should I be entering in a password, or have I done something wrong ?

Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 8.02.03 pm.png


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I think I worked it out.

I had to create a 'key' from the Apple Developer Console, and then upload it to Firebase.

Seems that it no longer needs the APN to be updated in Firebase. Maybe the Key is allowing Firebase to connect to my Apple account and gets it automatically now.

I deleted the old APN and the push notifications seem to still work. I guess I will know for sure on the 8th when the old certificate is due to expire.
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