Android Question File transfer via bluetooth?


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Hi All,
I have an android pda, named ENGONUS. No problem, works good. But now I want to transfer files via bluetooth and encountered weird cases. I need to send files with extension csv.
I can send csv file from this android to PC (win10), from android file manager and from my app too.
I can send csv file from android to another android device. Good.
But I noticed, that I can't send csv file from win10 to this device. I searched a lot, but no result. Then I tested and I can send a pdf file from win10 to this pda. Interesting.
Then I took another android phone (xiaomi) and I can send pdf or image file to that pda but not a csv file.
So something in the PDA prevents receiving csv files. How can I solve this problem?
thanks in advance


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You don't have any way to modify the OS behavior.

You can implement your own app + PC program and send the file yourself, with the SPP profile.

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