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Semen Matusovskiy

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Hi, guys --

I try to integrate

Erel's sample and sending tool work fine. But I need to accept messages from our webserver.

Android app (subscribed to "general" topic) receives messages. IOS app (even with changed name of topic) doesn't see messages from our webserver. Why ? Is it necessary to correct something on webserver or it is possible to correct B4i code ?


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If you are using post method to send notification data to FCM server then this following structure is needed for iOS,
$fcmNotification = [
    "content_available"=> true,
    "mutable_content"=> true, //if you want to modify notification layout
    'to' => '/topics/ios_topic',
    "notification" => array(
      "body" =>  "Body text",
      "title" => "Title Text",
      "subtitle" => "Sub title text",
      'sound' => 'default',
      'badge' => '0'
I use this structure to send a notification to iOS using FCM server.

Semen Matusovskiy

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Probably the reason is in API-key

If to open Firebase Console, I see short key "AIza..." in General settings. I am almost sure that our webserver uses exactly it.

But this key does not work with "Sending tool". It works with very long key in "Cloud Messaging".

I am afraid that it's necessary to expand webserver code and to send one message for Android app and another for IOS. Not a problem, but the server is enough busy.