Android Question [FireBase Storage] need guidance to keep several users synced


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Hi Guys and Gals...

I am exploring the possibility of using firebase storage as a "backend synchro folder" to which several users will "contribute" with partial info but all users will get ALL info...
Is firebase storage a good option for this?
I am already using firebase Auth.. so implementing accessibility shouldn't be a (major) problem...
But... how to ensure synchro?
I am considering either a "sync me" button or a scheduled sync, or even both...
But the logic eludes me...
The simplest way would be to:
1- upload ALL local partial info to the main basket, where all users will send their partial info
2 - download ALL info from the main basket...

But I don't think this solution to be the best...
Any guidance would be much appreciated


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CloudKVS solves this difficult task.
It is not based on Firebase.
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