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Hi all,
I state that it is the first time that I load an app on the app store and I have already followed all the tutorials of @Erel to get to have an .ipa file ready for upload on the app store. More precisely, I arrived at point 7 of the "Publishing your app to the App Store" tutorial.

As per tutorial "(Local Mac) - Upload ipa to Apple Connect without Application Loader" I'm using the command (appropriately parameterized) to load the ipa file generated by B4i and I get this error (within the mac shell):

"Error: No suitable application records were found. Verify your bundle identifier ‘clientname.ios.appname’ is correct. App Store operation failed. (-19000)"

Looking in the forum I realized that I had to define a new app in "App Store Connect" but when I have to select the package ID I don't see any package name inside the drop-down box (as per image).

app store connect.png

Actually in the "Identifiers" section of my developer account I have defined the wildcard identifier for the app: "clientname.ios. *", So why is it not displayed to me?

All'interno della mia app B4i ho anche specificato queste istruzioni condizionali:

           #ProvisionFile: appname_appstore.mobileprovision
          #ProvisionFile: provision_appname_iphone5s.mobileprovision
    #END IF

Furthermore, the certificate I am using is of the "iOS Distribution" type, therefore of the correct type.

I need to upload the app as soon as possible but I can't continue because of the problem above :-(

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


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You can always switch to a non-wildcard app id for the store provision profile.

Hi Erel, thanks for your reply.
So to make the switch just perform these two operations (belove) ?

1) Add the non wildcard ID within Apple Developer / identifiers

2) On Developer Account, update the provisioning profile with the new app id

3) Replace the old provisioning file with the new updated provisioning file

4) Add the non wildcard ID to B4i: Project - Build Configurations - Package.

5) Recompile and retry the app upload. Correct?
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