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Hello everyone, I have been stuck on creating an Exe for my desktop app, but b4j packager 11 keeps telling me "folder not found" on the log. A quick check, shows that the "finddospath.exe" is there in the Temp folder.

So, I switched to the old b4j packager, I have inno setup 5, and jdk 8. Everything works fine, but I can't seem to configure my innosetup script myself. I need to be able to change some information.

So my question is, how do I manually set my innosetup... iss file before making Exe. Because anytime I change it after a successful build and I try to build again, the created Exe still uses those default values. I have run out of options.

Sorry I can't provide logs now, I'll attach a screenshot that shows an example of what I'd like to change in my innosetup iss file.

I'd like to change the company name from unknown to my company's name. IMG_20200326_092906_6_1585211972333.jpg


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@Erel this is the log. Nothing here, could help me fix it.

 B4JPackager11 Version 1.15
Exe name: kommand.exe
InputJar: C:\Users\CYBERWIZARD\Desktop\Projects\Kommand\Objects\kommand.jar
Running: C:\Users\CYBERW~1\DOCUME~1\B4JPAC~2\B4JPAC~1\Objects\temp\FindDosPath.exe
Folder not found:[\code]
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Where does "\code" come from? What is the path to Java under Tools - Configure Paths?
Sorry, the code wasnt part of the log. It was a tag mistake.
My configurations are all good. No issues.
My Java points to my jdk 11/bin/java.exe file.

This is so frustrating šŸ˜” šŸ˜¤
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