iOS Question Font Scale vs screen size issue


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In iOS, this is one of the better features and does not require the Android way of doing it:

In your Designers, select your label and do the following: (Check the red underlines)


Programatically you can do the following:

lblUnderHeader.AdjustFontSizeToFit = True
lblUnderHeader.Multiline = True
and it should work the same. Experiment with the amount of text you have if multiline is not ticked - it can become very small and not legible.

Remember, fitting to your screen here depends on your anchors (you can use the principle I described in that post you refer to above to position your place holders and adjusting the font with the code above)

I trust this will work and explain how I do it it on iOS.


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I already figured this out for labels.

the issue still remains with buttons, and other controls.

I am attempting to do it this way:
cmdNumber0.CustomLabel.AdjustFontSizeToFit = True
It is painful to list out all the controls and do this manually, I wish there was a loop iteration somewhere I could do this with. There is probably a get all views shortcut or something I am missing that would help here.
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