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Something driving me a little bit bonkers at the moment.
Currently testing my online game between 3 Sony devices at the moment. The only issue I'm running into is a conflict of interest with fonts on buttons/images and so on - everything else working fine with sizing/positioning/google alerts/php calls.

What I have is two mobiles. Z1 Compact and Z5. The third device a Z3 Compact Tablet.
All work fine, no issues. Happy bunny - happy with any android tbh.

If I stick with the autosize - the font on the Z1 & Z5 behave correctly in resizing and positioning, the Z3 though always goes half the size.

I know Erel is not a fan of calculating a font size (from other posts/guide and for good reason) but when I had a decent algorithm working, the Z1 and Z3 played ball but the new Z5 didn't. Z1 & Z3 perfect, the Z5 near double. This is more than likely as the Z5 has a density of 3 compared to 2 for the Z1 & Z3 (can probably sort that out)

I'm curious why the Z3 doesn't play ball with the autosize (and other tools around that?) I have experimented with the font adjust as mentioned in here:

Am curious as need to know how they appear on other devices as I get closer to the testing stage with various friends.

Quick specs in case someone has come across similar:
Z1: Screen resolution 720x1184, Density of 2
Z3: Screen resolution 1200x1824, Density of 2
Z5: Screen resolution 1080x1776, Density of 3

I am going to try this on a HTC M8 later in the week to see what occurs with both methods.

Mark Thorndyke

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Are you sure that the Font size in the settings is set to 'normal' on all devices ?

Thanks but all devices fonts are set to normal. May have to start using the cloud service offered on here for testing to see what occurs later on this evening.
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