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Hi guys, I have a CustomlistView and, for each item, I load the same layout with some edittexts.
Each edittext has the "forcedone" property not set, so I expect to have the "NEXT" button every time I focus one of them, but the last one (of the CLV item).
For the first N-1 items of the CLV, everything works correctly, even if the last editext of the clv-item shows the NEXT button (not DONE) and pressing it focuses the first edittext of the next clv-item.
It is not exactly what I want, but I can accept it.
In the last row, unexpectedly, no matters wich edittext has the focus, ALL of them has the DONE button, so when I press it, the keyboard is hidden and the focus doesn't move to the next edittext.

If I put another edittext in the activity layout (not in the clv item, but in its parent), the result is:
1- If the new view is in the upper part of the layout, the unexpected behaviour doesn't change
2- If the new view is in the lower part of the layout (below the CLV), each item of the CLV works as I need, but, clearly, the new view catches the focus and it is an ugly effect (I don't want an external editext to have the focus)...

Do you know any trick to achieve what I need? I hope I don't need to use the FocusChanged event: I think it would be a "jumble of code"...
Thanks in advance and... forgive my bad English