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so here we have forwarder, an sms forwarding service. i realize there are forwarders out there, but mine is
semi-automatic (like my glock).

i prefer to leave my publicly known phone on a table. when calls or sms messages are received, notifications
are posted. at the end of the day, after i've finished my important leisure activities, i can check them.

sometimes i might like to be made aware of an expected sms and have it forwarded, either to a private phone
or to my workstation or somewhere else. this is what forwarder does. in other words, i don't have to be present
to see the message and then tap to forward it, like the other (kludgy) apps.

forwarder employs a few interesting features:
1) it checks the current phone status and which receivers are running: is your sim up? are you networked?
is its receiver already running? results are posted on the main screen for your convenience.
2) receiver activation/deactivation at will. technically, once you register an implicit receiver and launch the app,
the receiver just receives. to stop it, you would have to uninstall the app. (in contrast, explicit broadcast receivers
stop working if the app goes to background or is closed.) but it is possible to allow an implicit receiver to run or not
to run without removing the receiver.
3) on the fly configuration. the main module communicates with the broadcast receiver via a broadcast. this allows
the user to change where the message should be forwarded without reinstalling the app.
4) capability to receive sms messages at the same time as the default messages app. this is currently
one of the last system broadcasts that android has not shut down. for the purposes of receiving sms
messages without being the default messaging app, this broadcast allows the user to monitor messages
and be notified at the same time the default messages app is. the app can then decide what to do with the message.
5) miraculous forwarding without the need of a boot completed broadcast. in other words, if the
device has been turned on or has been sleeping (snoring?), an incoming sms will trigger the app's receiver
without having to launch the app. (this, of course, pre-supposes that the user has not deactivated the receiver.)
6) initially i used a foreground service in conjunction with the receiver, but for the purposes of forwarding a message,
it isn't necessary. if the receiver were required to perform some long-running task, it could pass it off to a foreground service.

forwarder is currently running on devices with android 12 and 14 without any surprises.

update: i forgot to mention the "out of office" response. if that is set, the forwarder will send such a message to the sms sender, in addition to forwarding the message wherever it was that you wanted it to go to.


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