Android Tutorial Frustrated Newbie!

Hi, just bought this software and thought I was ready to go. Made a simple form, one button, one label. When I try and view it via the emulator I get this error (in the emulator, it compiles ok)

"Error Occured

An error has occured in sub:main_activity_create(java line: 208) 1.bal

Whether I click yes or no makes no difference.

I'm using API level 13 because I'm trying to write an app for my Galaxy Tab which runs Android 3.2

So, since this didn't work, I set up B4A bridge, this works in that I can use the tablet now to design but when I compile the code, it gets to the stage where it says complete but doesn't load on the screen on my Tablet. The title comes up and that's it, no errors or anything :(

Help, I'm getting very fed up!


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OK, it looks as though it can't find a layout file, it looks as though you are doing Activity.LoadLayout("1.bal") did you create and save a layout called 1.bal? Does it appear in the files tab?

If you turn on debug, from the drop down options on the right of the menus it will give you the B4A line numbers for errors.

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I havent saved a layout and I did use the line Activity.loadlayout("1") how do i save a layout? I copied this off the video demoing the hello World program but didnt see him save a layout.